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HealthTV is the world's premier health and wellness video multi-channel network (MCN) specializing in YouTube distribution, marketing and production. Our goal is to help Content Creators that specialize in medical, diet, fitness and other related fields reach the largest audience possible and maximize revenue.

HealthTV was founded by content creator Stuart Schultz, the founder and producer of DermTV.

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Driven by fairness and transparency.

The HealthTV team will increase your revenue through marketing, audience development, and securing lucrative premium ads and sponsorships. Our deal is one of the best in the industry and is driven by fairness and transparency.

  • HealthTV sells premium ads to Fortune 500 companies, increasing your revenue
  • Just by joining HealthTV you will begin receiving premium Google and YouTube sold ads, increasing your revenue
  • HealthTV will increase your revenue by exploring opportunities for licensing and merchandising
  • You will always be able to see the estimated amount of revenue you are making
  • You will always own 100% of your intellectual property and content

Audience Development

Our focus is on growth.

HealthTV prides itself on providing high-level audience development resources to our Content Creators. We work closely with you to provide tools and resources to improve every one of your videos' performance. When we say we are going to help develop your audience, we mean it. We will:

  • Establish a promotional & marketing plan with you
  • Set real goals for audience growth
  • Work with you to facilitate collaborations within our network and outside of it
  • Work with you to create a release strategy
  • Provide you with optimization tools for thumbnails, titles, descriptions, and tags
  • Develop an advertising strategy for your content
  • Teach you the tips and tricks the top YouTubers use to grow rapidly

DermTV: A Case Study

The Founders of HealthTV created DermTV from the ground up, developing production assets, a content strategy, marketing plans, partnerships, merchandising opportunities, and most importantly, a passionate audience.

  • 8 Million Lifetime YouTube views, 5 Million views in 2012 alone
  • 5 Million additional video views outside of YouTube
  • 32,000 Lifetime YouTube Subscribers
  • Video library of 475+ videos

Featured in the Media

"Neal Schultz, MD supplies a wealth of skin care info on The site offers two-minute webisodes that tackle more than 200 skin concerns. Everything from acne to stretch marks - no skin topic is taboo. Biggest surprises? The guy is a genius, and he doesn't push products - two things you don't expect from an Internet doctor."

Introduced Product Line

Introduced BeautyRx, Dr. Schultz's award winning skincare line.


Stuart Schultz Tech

Stuart Co-Founded DermTV, the first online skincare video show hosted by a dermatologist. He brought the channel from inception to over 12 million views and built content partnerships with YouTube and Aol, as well as garnered press from leading media outlets. Stuart is also the President of BeautyRx Skincare, and prior, he worked at Allen & Company LLC.

Isabel Greenfield Marketing

An avid watcher of YouTube health and wellness content, Isabel is responsible for audience development and raising awareness for HealthTV. Prior, she's worked with Fournier Communications and Epic Media.

John Saroff Advisor

John is an expert in the creation, distribution and monetization of video, with over twelve years of online video experience. John is currently VP of creative and production for vente-privee USA, where he is responsible for the production of over 700 videos a year. John joined the company from Google, where he was Head of TV Ads and Strategic Partnerships. Earlier in his career, John was a director of business development at NBC-Universal where he acquired content partners for the 2007 launch of Hulu. In 2011, John was named one of the forty most influential media executives under the age of 40 by industry publication Multichannel News.

Neal Schultz MD Advisor

Dr. Schultz is a cosmetic / medical dermatologist in private practice in NYC, who for the past thirty years, has been helping make his patients' skin look younger, more beautiful, and healthy. He is proud to have been repeatedly awarded the title of a "Top Doctor" by New York Magazine and Castle Connolly Medical. He received his MD degree from The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University and received his dermatology training and board certification at The Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City, where he is appointed as a clinical professor. He is author of, It's Not Just About Wrinkles, host of DermTV, and formulator of BeautyRx Skincare.


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